I just wanted to do a positive feedback. My daughter receives therapy through your company and I just wanted to share my deepest appreciation for what your company and the people you hire do. I have been through a lot of different therapists for my daughter. And this has truly been a godsend to have a therapist that is truly dedicated to her work and truly loves what she does. I cannot say enough about how much of a blessing my daughter’s therapist has been to my family. My daughter normally doesn’t have a connection with her therapist. But, the way that her therapist interacts with her has been a true blessing and it is helped her flourish even more because the kind of person her therapist is. Thanks so much.

Kristy W.

My therapist at Theracare has been incredible, consistent, and extremely professional!

I cycled through many agencies until I found Theracare! My therapist has been consistent, professional, and inspiring!

Alyssa has been amazing, incredibly adaptable to my child; we have been blessed to find such an incredible therapist willing to go the extra mile!