Different by Design

We have designed this clinic to be different.

Starting with the parking lot, you may have noticed the large trees, short transition and quiet atmosphere when you arrived. This is not by accident. We understand that change and external stimulation can impact the outcomes of many of our clients.

Once inside, our goal is for you to receive a warm welcome and find a place where you find comfort, aiding in a smooth transition to treatment.

Pod swing: inside our clients are sure to find the quietest place in the waiting area, offering a low sensory environment with vestibular input to ease anxiety.

Bean Bag: Provides deep pressure sensory input to ease anxiety and improve transition to therapy.

Television: continued education for parents, care providers and clients in areas that impact their daily lives.

Modern and neat: offers a reduction in visual sensory, as well as an allergen friendly environment while maintaining a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Parent information center: Furnishes parents and care providers with a HIPAA compliant area to discuss progress, make plans for the future and receive relevant information specific to their needs.

Scheduled space to meet each client’s specific need: We have designed all of our therapy spaces to provide therapists the resources and flexibility to adapt the environment. Each area includes adaptive seating, weighted blankets, noise dampening headsets, vertical surfaces for visual schedules and flexible lighting.