What to Expect at Your Child’s First Physical Therapy Appointment

There are many reasons your child's physician may prescribe physical therapy. Your child could have a recent injury such as a broken arm that needs some special attention or a congenital disease that requires extra work to achieve developmental milestones. No matter the reason for the physical therapy referral, a parent is likely to be curious about […]

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Pediatric OT Solutions to Aggressive Behavior in Children

Any parent or caregiver of young children will unanimously agree that tantrums are just a typical element of growing up. Kids test boundaries, they get to hear the word "no", and they have to be corrected in order to learn and to cope with life's expectations. Since children are irregularly obedient or accepting of new rules, adults […]

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Using Books to Support Speech-Language Development

Books can be a wonderful way to help support your child's speech language development. Reading to your child, even if you feel they aren't paying full attention to the story, helps foster language and literacy skills while building vocabulary and joint attention. Books that offer repetitive sentence patterns on each page help improve speech automaticity, […]

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