Theracare Pediatric Services was established in 2007 and provides school and home-based services throughout Maricopa County. We are currently in 20 schools throughout the valley as well as servicing approximately 2000 clients in their natural setting. Theracare Pediatric Services has grown from one therapist to a team of over 200.

We believe our success lies in our therapists’ ability to provide quality treatment driven by a genuine desire to help children succeed and grow. Our team consists of therapists who have compassion, love for kids, and the ability to accurately evaluate and recognize a child’s individual needs in order to develop a tailored treatment plan to ensure the child is given the greatest chance at success. At Theracare Pediatric Services, our sole purpose is to help guide children and their families toward their dreams of achievement, growth, and success. We are confident that you will be happy with our facility, the quality of our therapists, and with the compassion in our hearts. Here, the possibilities are endless.